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The Team: Marcel Jacobs

Marcel Jacobs is a recognized and rewarded subject matter expert in sustainability especially in the areas of sustainable value chains and sustainable & circular procurement.

“It was about 2003 when I got intrigued by the relevance and importance of sustainability.” says Marcel Jacobs. He continuous: “I was executing an internal improvement project on energy efficiency when I connected with the sustainability team of Philips. At that time sustainability was often referred to as green or environmental.” Ever since he shares his passion for sustainability and is continuously looking on how best to inspire others and using his knowledge to help others. People know him for his creativity. If necessary he will come up with multiple solutions for any given challenge. Passionately he will engage his network where needed and continue to learn from others himself.

In 2018 Marcel co-founded CIRCL8 realizing that as many organisations as possible should benefit from his experience, knowledge and network.

In his previous role as director supplier sustainability he worked within Royal Philips' group procurement between the beginning of 2014 and 2018 where he developed an innovative and leading Sustainable Sourcing strategy 2020 leading to 6 programs from which he managed 3 himself being: Supplier Sustainability Performance ('beyond audits'), Circular Procurement (to support Philips' ambition to deliver 100% circular solutions by 2025) and Responsible sourcing programs. The ‘beyond audits’ program is widely known in the industry and rewarded with a prestigious SPLC reward.

Between 2007 and the end of 2013 he worked at Office Depot Europe in the role of Sr. Manager Sustainability Europe. In this role one of the most important things he did, was creating a greener office strategy for Office Depot. This strategy helping both Office Depot and its customers create their own path to a actual greener office is till today widely known and recognized. Marcel Jacobs was granted a OPI (Office Product Industry) award for his work on this strategy. In his role as Sr. Manager Sustainability Europe he also created various tools for example a supply chain risk model to support procurement. Via this took the supply chain was able to identify hotspots as well as opportunities beyond tier one suppliers. Another great example was the GreenScan, this sustainable product identification and reporting tool supported sales and marketing to increase value add and increase transparency towards customers.

In 2004 he started in the role of sustainability officer within Philips Lighting being responsible for sustainable sourcing and applying eco-design principles within product innovation.

Areas of expertise: Sustainable Production & Consumption, Circular Economy, Sustainable & Circular Procurement, Green Marketing, SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals) ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), SA8000 (Social Accountability), ISO26000 (sustainability), ISO20400 (Responsible Procurement) and BS8001 (Circular Economy) UN Guiding Principles for business and human rights and Due Diligence (OECD Guidelines), project and program management.