Our Team

In 2018 Marcel Jacobs and Monique Schmitz founded CIRCL8 from the stronge believe that there is enough out there for everyone. The one thing we need to do is connect with each other. Enable people and organisations to move at their own pace and let them learn in a way that makes them comfortable and succesfull. Read more about our own background here.


Our Approaches

We use proven approaches for all our customers, no matter what size, majurity level or ambition level. We will make it work for you too. So how do you start or drive your sustainability product or how do you get started with circular procurement? Our approaches are FREE for download if you like to have a first glimpse. Read more and feel free to pick up your copy below.


Our values, mission and vision

Doing business in the right way with respect for the world and its resources shouldn't be difficult, complicated and time consuming. And there is no need for it to be. At CIRCL8 we have a very strong WHY. All the programs we create for you are affordable, easy and pragmatic, so that you too, can be succesfull. 


The Team Marcel Jacobs

"Drive your sustainable journey and create a more responsible world through clear commitments, stakeholder collaboration and transparency."

Marcel is a recognized and rewarded subject matter expert in sustainability especially in the areas of sustainable value chains and sustainable & circular procurement. For many years he was employed at industry leading companies such as Philips and Office Depot.

His areas of expertise include: Sustainable Production & Consumption, Circular Economy, Sustainable & Circular Procurement, Green Marketing, SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals) ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), SA8000 (Social Accountability), ISO26000 (sustainability), ISO20400 (Responsible Procurement) and BS8001 (Circular Economy) UN Guiding Principles for business and human rights and Due Diligence (OECD Guidelines), project and program management.

The Team Monique Schmitz

Ask the right questions. Find out your people's motivation and talents and use it for their and your growth and progression."

During her career Monique developed a very clear vision on general business management and she has been more than once recognized and hired for it. The basis of this vision lies within a deep cooperation between organisations and its people. The last few years of her career Monique has been more focused on processes in general and change processes in particular. This is where she further developed the belief that asking the right questions, getting all stakeholders on the same page and creating transparency mainly through getting the facts straight and not being afraid to speak your truth are absolutely necessary in order to move forward successfully.

Our Approaches on Circular Procurement, Circular Business and Sustainability Projects 

In our experience one of the most heard issues for organisations and companies on their sustainability, circularity or circular procurement journey is not being able to proceed in a structured and guided way. How do you connect with the right stakeholders, how do you get their commitment? What about communication and measurable KPI's? For this reason, we developed two easy to use approaches to help you move forward. In using these approaches, you will develop a greater level of control and achieve better outcomes and results. Read more below and pick up your free copy of both if you want to learn more. Feel free to contact us. We are here to help!

Sustainability Project Progress Approach

Whether you're just beginning your circularity journey or are way ahead on the road, with our 8 step approach you will know exactly what to do in which moment in time and who to involve.

Free Download here

Integrated Structured Circular Implementation Approach

Our IS-CIA approach is especially helpful for those companies and organisations who are looking for a way to integrate circular procurement in their processes or take circular procurement to the next level.

Free Download here

Want to learn more?

The downloads are here to give you an idea on how to start. We will gladly take the time to take you through it in more detail. Don't let that opportunity pas by. Claim it here.


Do you match with CIRCL8? Check out our Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our Mission

We provide approaches, products and services to drive change towards transparent value chains across the globe, so people are respectfully recognized and rewarded, and natural resources are valued and preserved for future generations. We act with integrity and authenticity; through multi-stakeholder engagement we drive innovation and stimulate joint responsibility.

Our Vision

We facilitate change towards a transparent value chain beneficial for both human and natural resources.

Our Core Values

Transparent & honest

Authentic & passionate

Creative & innovative

Goal oriented, result driven & pragmatic