In our experience one of the most heard issues for organisations and companies on their sustainability, circularity or circular procurement journey is not being able to proceed in a structured and guided way. How do you connect with the right stakeholders, how do you get their commitment? What about communication and measurable KPI's? For this reason we developed two easy to use approaches to help you move forward. In using these approaches you will experience a higher level of control and better outcome and results. Read more below and please feel free to contact us if you want to learn more. We are here to help!

Simplified Circularity approach

Whether your just beginning on your circularity journey or are way ahead on the road, with our 8 step approach you will know exactly what to do in which moment in time and who to involve

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Integrated Structured Circular Implementation Approach

Our IS-CIA approach is especially helpful for those companies and organisations who are looking for a way to integrate circular procurement in their processes or take circular procurement to the next level.

IS-CIA in detail

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