The steps


In this first step we create a charter in order to obtain clarity. What is the problem or the opportunity statement? We agree on your scope, the deliverables and identify the stakeholders. We also create a first high level planning so you get a better overview of the whole process.


In this step we help you with your internal assessment. We map the stakeholders both internally and externally and facilitate your dialogue with them. Depending on your specific situation we do a benchmark and map potential risks and optional the value chain. This is also the point where we go into more detail as far as project planning goes. Finally we do an inventory on human capital if wanted and/or necesarry.


Sustainabilty-SWOT, materiality analysis, gap analysis, Human Capital needs and opportunities, risk assessments leading to mitigation plans. Just some examples of activities that go with this third step. The purpose of all of them is to help you identify areas for improvement and even more important identify new business opportunities.


In this phase together we describe your strategy, vision&mission and ambition level. Off course we you decide on both short and long term goals and how to measure progress. If necesarry we help you find more strategic direction 


Together we work on the execution of the project plan. For you this means assistance in raising awareness and the changemanagement process, since this is the phase where we embed the change in the organisation and core processess.


We track progress and performance so we canhelp you identify areas of improvement in order te help you be even more succesfull. SMART KPI's will make sure you will stay right on track in the project. Short and structural feedback loops will help you start the process again and stay on the road of continious improvement and implementation


Along with these six phases we have two subjects that are ongoing throughout the whole project, namely COMMUNICATIONS, which will help you inspire all groups of stakeholders, share best practises, actions, results and ambitions with your brand image at the core of it and STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT which will build trust amongst the stakeholders in general and enhance collaboration in the value chain more specifically. 



Want to learn more about our approach?

We gladly take the time to talk to you and explain how this approach can help you and your organisation reach your sustainability and circularity goals. Free of charge off course!


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