Ask the right questions. Find out your people's motivation and talents and use it for their and your growth and progression.

The Team: Monique Schmitz

After completing the HEAO marketing & sales in 1995 Monique Schmitz started her career in the world of job employment agencies and recruitment agencies. She has had several different tasks and responsibilities among which managing and coaching teams, analysing and reorganizing branches and covering areas among which are the largest in the Netherlands. During this time, in her career she managed branches through mergers but also was responsible for some, if not the most, important and largest corporate clients and prospects. In other periods she worked as an account manager and (business) coach.

 During these times a very clear vision on general business management developed and she is more than ones recognized and hired for it. The bases of this vision lies within a deep cooperation between organisations and its people. Make sure you know where people’s competences, talents and motivations are. Not just superficial but in depth. How can you make use it for both people as organisations? “There are so many people not participating simply because often companies (read management) don’t bother to sincerely check how they could let the competences, talents and motivations be used to grow their companies” says Schmitz. “The same goes for management”, she continues, “take some time to really figure out what it is that thrives people and use it for your and their benefits”.

 The last few years of her career Monique Schmitz has been more focused more on processes in general and change processes in particular. This is where she, even more, developed the believe that asking the right questions, getting all stakeholders on the same page and creating transparency mainly through getting the facts straight and not being afraid to speak your truth are absolutely necessary in order to move forward successfully. Being one of CIRCL8 founders she will mainly be involved in general management, sales and account management and sustainable Human Capital.