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Alliance for responsible circular & transparant procurement of ICT


ARCTIC fosters proactive a cross sector multi-stakeholder partnership across the public and private sectors to drive collaborative change for more circular, transparent, responsible, and sustainable ICT supply chains. ARCTIC achieves its impact through the power of procurement.


As of January first 2021 ARCTIC will be incorperated in the government ICT Pact. Feel free to collect the original brochure below for more information. For any questions you can contact us at

[email protected]


For the actual status on the ICT Pact have a look at


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The Challenge


ICT is responsible for an estimated 2% of global carbon emissions, mainly caused by the rise of data centres and the growing production of smartphones. In addition, ICT generates close to 50 million tons of e-waste a year, 80% of which is not recycled. This means a vast loss of resources and rare materials used in ICT. Clearly, something has to change.


The Stakeholders and their benefits


ARCTIC involves stakeholders from across the value chain, including representatives

from (local, national and regional) public policy making bodies, procurement, the industry and societal bodies (NGO, CSO, Trade/Industry associations, Standard Setters and Standardisation bodies.

The governance structure


ARCTIC is set up as an independent, not-for-profit organisation,

led by a Board of Directors composed of leading voices from industry, procurement, government and civil society. The working groups and learning networks active under ARCTIC will be supported by a dedicated secretariat.

Clear deliverables & objectives


The initial focus of ARCTIC will be on making the value chain of laptops, smartphones and data centres more responsible, circular and transparent through joint procurement.