Your road to sustainability and circularity made easy, affordable and pragmatic.

About CIRCL8

What does CIRCL8 do?

Organisations and companies all have their own approach, ambition and maturity level when it comes to sustainability, circularity or circular procurement. Maybe you just got started or maybe you are already an industry champion. Sometimes however, you feel you can take another step, no matter how small or big, no matter the direction. You feel you need a training or workshop to raise awareness, you could use an expert to challenge your management team or strategy or you might just get started and want to know where and how. CIRCL8 helps you on this path, not by doing the job for you but by teaching you how you can do the job yourself so that your work is embedded in your organisation or company. We do it at your pace, to match your budget and your ambition level so that every step you take will bring you in the right direction. 



At CIRCL8 we believe in a pragmatic and structured way of working. We use  certified, registered and proven approaches to help you move forward



We offer a wide range of customer specific services. Custom made yet affordable for each and every single one of our customers. Have a closer look.



Our products are there to help you move along the path of sustainability, circularity or circular procurement. Easy to acces, affordable and result driven.