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Do you feel clueless or overwhelmed when it comes to starting or to reaching the next level when it comes to your company's sustainability goals like reducing CO2 footprint, meeting customers demands, complying to legislation or meeting boardroom decisions?


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Creating a better world should be easy without creating conflict with business results, right?
Be in control of your sustainability or circularity journey by following a clear, defined and proven path with CIRCL8


• Move forward with confidence

• Meet customer’s needs, execute boardroom decisions, comply to legislation

• Stay ahead of competition 

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We care about your sustainability journey. We care about your success.

Subject matter experts with over 20 years of international experience

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Many clients with proven results both beginners as industry leaders

These programs, sessions and events will make you thrive


Circular business and procurement 

Procurement as the enabler and facilitator, bringing together the exact right stakeholders in order to achieve your targets like CO2 reduction and reduction of total cost of ownership

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Workshops & inspiration sessions

Market consultations, stakeholder engagement, brainstorms, subject matter expert panel sessions, supplier engagement adressing topics like circularity, procurement, sustainable supply chains and due dilligence

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1 on 1 and strategy sessions

Not only for C suite level one on one subject matter input and content, but also for roles like procurement & category management, product design & development, finance, facility management, communication and sustainability

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One of the most heard arguments why people love to work with CIRCL8 is the fact that we teach people how to move forward themselves. Through our passion and involvement we teach them how they can do a pretty good job, get results and share their success with others so they can join. Find a list of our customers right here

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How we make it work for you

Reaching your company’s sustainability goals can simply be hard and overwhelming


Companies and organisations who are working towards their sustainability goals like, SDG's, due diligence, sustainable supply chains and CO2 reduction often have trouble finding their path forward. At CIRCL8 we offer simple and successful solutions that help these companies and organisations reach those goals worry free and without losing sight of their (business) results.

We know you want to be right on track when it comes to reaching these goals. We also know that in order to do that, you need a smart, effective and above all pragmatic approach. Why? Very often the problem is you have no idea how to get started or keep going which makes you feel overwhelmed by the whole topic.

We believe creating a better world for future generations shouldn't be hard and complicated and for sure shouldn't conflict with your daily schedule or (business) results. We understand it can be challenging due to lack of time, resources, budgets or insights and content, which is why we will share all our resources, experience and knowledge with you, guiding you through it on your pace within your budget.

How we do it? We take you through a first consultation to see where your specific needs really are. What is it that your actually need? Did you even define a clear direction yet? Once we have a better understanding of where you are and where you want to go, together we get you going with the approach that fits your time, budget and ambition best.

There really is no need for you to search the internet or simply copy things from others. We know you can do this your way, fully in control, no overwhelm. So schedule that call. And in the meantime download or free "10 questions asked and answered when it comes to circular procurement" brochure. So you can stop procrastinating and instead be well on your way to reaching those goals.

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