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At CIRCL8 we help you drive succesful sustainable, circular business and circular procurement. Easy, pragmatic and affordable. Results instead of stress. Beginner or industry leader, we help you avoid wasting money, time and other resources trying to move forward. Simply take one of our online courses or sign up for a live appointment.  Just press the button below now.

Are you worried that:

  • you will not be able to meet the growing customers' demands for more sustainable and circular products and services and even loose customers over it?
  • your competitors beat you on these increasingly important topics?
  • you will not meet legislation and lose business over it?
  • you get stuck talking and never get to the point where you actually start taking the first or follow up steps in order to get results?
  • will lose shareholders when you don't meet your organisation's circular or sustainable business goals?


Our online products vary from beginner to advanced and focus on sustainability and circularity independent of a specific industry. Of course, you can also easily get in touch with one of our experts for strategy development.

Shouldn't doing the right thing be easy? 

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Where do I start when creating a circular business or implementing circular procurement? This is the number ONE question many professionals are asking themselves right now.

That’s why we have created “Ten more questions you should ask”. These ten questions help you to set your boundary conditions, identify the actual status and define your first action. For each of the listed questions we have included guidance to help you to make it easier when answering these specific questions.

Done in a day series:

Circular procurement

on your way to a pragmatic start 

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Done in day series:


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Master Class:

Circular procurement

For those of you who need more 

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Workshops & inspiration sessions

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1-on-1 and strategy sessions

 HIgh level input & content

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We care about your sustainability journey. We care about your succes.

Meet the award winning team and read more about our values and approaches.

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