How the 9R framework can make your life easy

Jul 07, 2021

In previous posts we encouraged you to start working with the 9R model. This framework can be easily used to enable you when you start making a transition from linear to increased circularity. Whatever combination of R-values you select, it will enable you to explore and implement new business models. Think of possibilities as buy-back, sharing, pay per use.  Remember that 9R  is NOT about climbing the ladder and reaching the peak as quickly as possible.

So now that we know what it is and how to use the framework, let’s have a closer look at the sphere of influence and the surrounding environment of it. To successfully implement circular procurement in the long run we recommend you aim to contribute to the higher organisation’s goals. An increasing number of organisations is setting a long-term circularity ambition. These vary from a significant increase in resource efficiency up to 100% circular business in a specific year. In case your organisation hasn’t defined a circular ambition yet, you can think about setting yours.

Also, instead of putting circular procurement at the heart of the circular approach, the 9R framework is placed at the heart of the approach. Then four other aspects (more information below) are placed surrounding the framework. These 4 aspects cover organisation, various internal functions, value chain actors both upstream and downstream and products/solutions. Like this you avoid that that one role or aspect is more in the lead than another and you easily bring together all relevant stakeholders. Functionality, communication and less overwhelm will go hand in hand. We can’t emphasize enough circularity is about collaboration not about competition!

Circular ambition, vision, and mission (e.g., your organisation’, your department’ or your personal)

Circular procurement (e.g. act as enabler and gatekeeper)

Circular value chain (e.g. capturing all upstream and downstream partners)

Circular design (e.g. Design for disassembly, repairability, circularity or sustainability)


Own it. For better lives.

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