We live in challenging times, don’t we?

May 28, 2021

Supply chains are disrupted, product quality is under pressure and our environment is heavily impacted. The media is showing daily examples of supply chain disruptions with many causes. At the same time, you might be challenged by your suppliers or customers to take guided action on circular procurement. Starting or continuing might be really challenging.

Remember that circular business through circular procurement offers opportunities and more important business continuity. Think of enabling market differentiation, the opportunity to enhance brand reputation, drive integral cost savings, or attract talent. Our suggestion to you would be to start with understanding the bigger picture and combine it with the hands on 9R frame work. Try to start as pragmatical as possible.

An ideal starting point would be a higher organisation goal or long-term objective that is already known and communicated. But don’t get us wrong, even your own personal circular ambition can set that well wanted point on the horizon, your goal.

You might want to have a look at the (17) SDG’s, the Sustainable Development Goals, which are an urgent call for action by all countries- developed and developing - in a global partnership. Have a look at how your ambition or goal fits in.

One of our tips to continue would be the following. Go ahead and keep in mind that you want to move beyond recycling and waste reduction. Yes, they could be a great starting point to explore your current situation. Also they can be the start to identifying new opportunities, products, services, or solutions. Add a great stakeholder dialogue (internal and external stakeholders) and you are already on the right path.

Now, how does circular procurement fit in? Procurement is at the heart of the organisation, has insights and contacts across the product life cycle and is the intermediate between demand and supply. As such it is perfectly positioned as the key enabler to drive circular procurement, strengthen relationships, and therefore more circular business.


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