Give it two more minutes and this guy is going to run out of this room.

Oct 28, 2020

Give it two more minutes and this guy is going to run out of this room. Like a sprinter and he isn’t going to look back!

You might laugh but this is not a joke. When we had just started CIRCL8 we talked to a lot of people to get an idea of how they perceived sustainability. It didn’t take us very long to understand that there is a lot of knowledge out there talked about by the most brilliant experts.

Would you agree though, that sometimes the whole “saving the world” conversation seems extremely tiring, complicated and time consuming? It literally makes you want to leave the room because you can feel the misery coming towards you and you want to escape it? Just like our contact, who, honestly, had the best intentions, but was feeling so overwhelmed.

We took that information to help you. In our opinion the topic should be fun, easy to manage and understand and, of course rewarding. Who doesn’t want to be successful? No matter on what level you are?

We have some great trainings and programs coming up. They either help you to start, on your majority level, matching your ambition. Or they help you dive into the subject deeper, using very practical methods, scenarios and tips.

Follow us on our socials or sign up here on the website, we’ll make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Own it. For better lives.


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