Management commitment & Circular Procurement

Jul 25, 2021

We all know and recognize that the best results will be achieved in case (executive) management is committed and willing to create a (more) circular business. This commitment is best transferred into availability of resources, time, and money so you can be successful in the execution. Whereas willingness is about the mindset being a kind of agreement to (pro-actively) support in making it happen.

Along with this goes the importance of knowing the WHY and PURPOSE of the organisation. A common manner to reflect this is for example in a circular ambition (e.g., 100% circular by 2040), a supportive vision and the organisation’s mission. Ideally circularity is integrated in the core vision and mission. Be aware that most organisations develop a specific or dedicated circular ambition which can be part of the sustainability proposition. If there is currently no organizational circular policy, ambition, vision and/or mission, this doesn't mean you can't do anything! No need to explain that things are easier when there is management commitment. But…. If it isn’t there, create your own and start working from that starting point. Examples of circular ambitions, visions and missions are becoming more widely available. Look for examples and underlying approaches. Get the needle moving.

Own it. For better lives.

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