Circular Procurement made easy. Let's Talk 9R Framework

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One of the many objections we hear people have, to not get started with circular procurement and business, is the fact that many have no clue what to do. They ask our great friend Google for advice and get of track rapidly. At CIRCL8 we use the 9R framework to get started and going all the time. Why? It is easy to apply and is a great tool to get started and going no matter which level you are on. So let us briefly explain what this 9R framework is about, and what the R-values stand for.

What we are basically talking about is an overview of values that rate from R9 (Recover) till R0 (Refuse). The steps in between are R8 (Recycle), R7 (Repurpose), R6 (Remanufacture), R5 (Refurbish), R4 (Repair), R3 (Reuse) and R2 (Rethink). When looking at different services or products just have a first look at where you are right now and where you could go. What would a doable and logical step be? Just to clarify: the closer you are to R9 the closer you are to linearity, the closer you are to R0, the closer you are to circularity. Be aware that the framework is often referred to as a ladder, but it actually isn’t. There is no need to go step by step from one rung to the next. Whenever you are moving up in the direction from 9 to 0 , you are well along the way.

Now, once you have figured out where you are starting and which steps you are going to make, you might want to measure the impact of what you are doing, right? Or at least you want to make a start in doing so. We suggest you measure both progress and performance over time. Progress is shown by the raise of R-values over time against your starting point. Performance is about the facts and figures or in other words: count. As simple as that, what is coming in, going out, what is already present? Compare a baseline to the following years. How are you performing? Are you even ambitious enough? Or are you ready to include more stakeholders in the project?

A starting point when considering measuring is thinking about avoidance, buying less 'new' products or extend the usage period. Simply track this in your procurement system. This enables you in a later stage to address actual/measured numbers or avoided numbers of products.

No matter what you do, remember it is about progression not perfection!


Own it. For better lives.

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