What do you mean "what are you going to do?!"

Oct 21, 2020

The guy sitting next to me was not amused to say the least.  I just spend three days at a fantastic conference in London. Listening to the most amazing experts in the field of sustainability. The conference ended with round table discussions and the moderator asked if we had any questions for the person sitting next to us. Since I was actually wondering what people’s take away from the whole overload of experts and solutions was, I asked “what are you going to do? Any concrete actions when you walk back in to the office tomorrow?”. His face actually turned red. I decided to leave it at that.

About an hour later we were all having a drink at the network event and the same guy walked up to me and said: “I’ve been thinking about your question earlier today. It was a good one. I’ll take action. Thanks”. Point made.

So what did we learn from this moment? Many of our customers struggled with the whole topic. We are passed the discussion that we need to start conducting business differently. By now we all realize that we need to act at this moment if we even want to stand the slightest chance to work on all the environmental issues. Very often the biggest challenge is not knowing where to start, feeling overwhelmed and the seemingly complexity of the whole topic. Even front runners in industries sometimes struggle with how to move forward.

So we take it step by step with our customers. At their majority and ambition level. So they can feel good and in control about the things they’re doing on their sustainability journey. And even more important, that they become successful. So when they are sitting on an event in the future and we ask the question “what are you actually going to do?”, they can answer “That is childishly easy, let me tell you all about it”.

Where are you in your journey? What are your struggles? Let’s help each other and share.


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