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The ONE Program that helps you get a grip on Circular Procurement

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Beat the lack of standards, tools and knowledge

Tackle topics like CO2 reduction

Done in a Day Circular Procurement

As many professionals like procurers & category managers out there you might feel overwhelmed by the whole topic of circular procurement. The lack of support in the whole process, the scattered and confusing information on how to get started and keep going and last but not least bringing all parties together can be extremely frustrating.

For this reason we created this program for you. We put all our knowledge and experience in it. Many of our clients have used this approach and are not only being succesful, they are in control and proudly moving forward.

In just one day, 8 one hour sessions with pre-recorded videos you will go through a program in your time and pace, to help you get a grip of circular procurement and work on topics like CO2 reduction. Stop searching the internet for guidance only to keep doing what you were doing and not starting at all. It is pragmatic and doable but most of all we know you will succeed. And the best thing? You can keep going through the program over and over again. So no matter if you are beginner or more advanced, every single time you work through it, you will take the next step to the next level.



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Why you should participate in this online done-in-a-day Circular Procurement

Many procurement professionals and other stakeholders are looking for a way to make a practical start with circular procurement.

Maybe in your current role or within your organisation circularity is getting more and more attention. For sure people in your environment are talking about CO2 reduction and are looking for a way to get the needle moving. You, your colleagues, and suppliers most likely all have a different mindset and/or another way of explaining what it means. Perhaps you just want to start small within your own surroundings or maybe your organisation has already set a long-term circular ambition. In all cases this Done-in-a-Day will be the perfect entry into handling circular procurement in a more structured way. A way that will get your true results.

Within 8 times one hour you will create your own starting point. Based on your own and our customers experiences, best practices and learnings you will effectively get guidance to make it yours. If you are more advanced you will be able to start and continue from your own baseline.

The outline for this course is designed around the 9R framework which allows a better and more practical way to implement and continue with circular procurement.

Circular procurement has a major impact outside the purchasing process, therefore the course provides high level insights in aspects of the organisation's , value chain's and product design's point of view and how these interact and effect each other.

The topics we will go through together are

  1. Introduction
  2. 9R-framework
  3. Integrated circular procurement approach
  4. Organisation, value chain and product design
  5. Circular procurement
  6. Where to start Building your case
  7. Continuous improvement
  8. Kick-off

Besides that, inside you will find exercises and if all that isn't enough, we have pointed out extra materials and resources if you want to invest a little more time and effort and take it to the next level.

last but not least , as an extra you will be able to attend quarterly group live calls with other participants in order to ask questions and share experiences.

Yes, keep me posted on the upcoming launch

What people have to say about it


"I want to congratulate you on a very thorough, interesting and pedagogical course. I am impressed with how it is tied to different frameworks wich makes it easy to grasp. There is a lot of valuable information and tools for procurers to use going forward"

"There is a lot of content! Super extensive and professionally put together. I have not seen anything like this out there yet. It really is very clear, professional and manageable. Great work! Something to be proud of!"

"Marcel does a great job of making it real and interesting. I totally love the approach, simple to follow and digest. The handouts are very supportive and essential for getting the most out of the series. This program is pretty great!"

Yes, keep me posted on the upcoming launch

How you will benefit from each section

Yes, keep me posted on the upcoming launch

Everything else you need to know

Your trainer: Marcel Jacobs

Marcel is a recognized and rewarded subject matter expert in sustainability especially in the areas of sustainable value chains and sustainable & circular procurement. 
For over 20 years he was employed at industry leading companies as Royal Philips and Office Depot in roles like director supplier sustainability and senior manager green marketing.
Next to his role as managing director at CIRCL8 he is currently employed as head of social sustainable operations at Philip Morris International in Lausanne Switzerland.

His areas of expertise are: Sustainable Production & Consumption, Circular Economy, Sustainable & Circular Procurement, Green Marketing, SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals) ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), SA8000 (Social Accountability), ISO26000 (sustainability), ISO20400 (Responsible Procurement) and BS8001 (Circular Economy) UN Guiding Principles for business and human rights and Due Diligence (OECD Guidelines), project and program management.

s a trainer Marcel has been connected to NEVI for many years, developing and teaching their Circular Procurent training. He was also involved in the development of the Dutch ISV academy, in which he was also a trainer.

Till the current date he is connected to the EESA program of the Rotterdam Erasmus university where he both teaches guest lectures on the topic of Responsible Procurement and Sustainable Supply Chain and tutors students of the same program.

Final important notes

  • This program is not a once in a lifetime exercise. You can keep going through the material time after time, improving and getting better results every time you do so.
    Every time your maturity level will rise.
  • All the material is downloadable and yours to keep. Please be aware though that all our programs, models and ideas are internationally registered at the BOIP (Brussel office of Intellectual Property).
  • The program comes with a 14 day money back guarantee. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the content, reach out to us and we will arrange the refund.
  • If you are in need of extra help and guidance, like one on one live calls, we have several options that might work for you. Please reach out to us on [email protected] or schedule a call 

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