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One of the most heard arguments why people love to work with CIRCL8 is the fact that we teach people how to move forward themselves. Through our passion and involvement, we teach them how they can do a pretty good job, get results and share their success with others so they can join.

Trainer circular procurement, rated 4,5 out of 5

Workshops on Circular and sustainable business

Advisor Due Dilligence, co creator training program Dutch government

Lecturer, supervisor EESA program

Project implementation circular procurement

Advisor implementation and executing circular procurement

Workshops Circularity and sustainability

Conference speaker , subject matter expert

Advisor and auditor, 3 locations worldwide

Workshop on Circular Procurement, speaker at conference

Advisor creating and hiring sustainability professional for new department

Subject matter expert, panel member

Project creating new scenarios. How to get from linear to circular business models and propositions

Presenting circular procurement . How do we get started and move forward

Speaker on the topic of sustainability

Project/advisor on the implemantation of more circular business models

Training staff on circular procurement, sustainability and due dilligence

Project/Advisor on European implementation Strategy

Ondersteuning verduurzaming

Compliance referal

Panellist Make ICT Fair