"Drive your sustainable journey and create a more responsible world through clear commitments, stakeholder collaboration and transparency."


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Marcel is a recognized and rewarded subject matter expert in sustainability especially in the areas of sustainable value chains and sustainable & circular procurement.

For over 20 years he was employed at industry leading companies as Royal Philips and Office Depot in roles like director supplier sustainability and senior manager green marketing.
Next to his role as managing director at CIRCL8 he is currently employed as head of social sustainable operations at Philip Morris International in Lausanne Switzerland.

His areas of expertise are: Sustainable Production & Consumption, Circular Economy, Sustainable & Circular Procurement, Green Marketing, SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals) ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), SA8000 (Social Accountability), ISO26000 (sustainability), ISO20400 (Responsible Procurement) and BS8001 (Circular Economy) UN Guiding Principles for business and human rights and Due Diligence (OECD Guidelines), project and program management. .
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"Enable people to accelerate in achieving results to the best of their knowledge & abilities and beyond their beliefs."


During her career Monique developed a very clear vision on general business management and she is more than ones recognized and hired for it. The bases of this vision lies within a deep cooperation between organisations and its people. The last few years of her career Monique has been more focused on processes in general and change processes in particular.

Her successful approach is based on the following aspects: clear goal and boundary setting, creating a sound environment with the committed and the willing, establishing a winning and focus mindset, getting rid of limiting beliefs, and above all a pragmatic routine. Determine what it is, we are actually going to do to fast track achieving these goals.

Monique is a certified Thinking into Results (business) consultant at the world renowned Proctor Gallagher Institute.



Core values

Our Mission
We provide approaches, products and services to drive change towards transparent value chains across the globe, so people are respectfully recognized and rewarded, and natural resources are valued and preserved for future generations. We act with integrity and authenticity; through multi-stakeholder engagement we drive innovation and stimulate joint responsibility.
Our Vision
We facilitate change towards a transparent value chain beneficial for both human and natural resources.
Our Core Values
Transparent & honest
Authentic & passionate
Creative & innovative
Goal oriented, result driven & pragmatic

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